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Walking college student


Why hire a college consultant? 

The Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) estimates 26% of students hire an independent college counselor to assist with the college process. Why? Increased family harmony and less nagging. My teenager isn't receptive to my advice. More confident my child will end up at a college that is a good fit. So much has changed since I went to college. Project management. The essays!

To a complex admissions landscape, Laura brings expert knowledge and skilled experience to optimize success and minimize anxiety. ​As students of the college admission process, clients will understand how to create an effective application and write essays for a very targeted audience. Due to the one-on-one nature of the work, Laura easily adapts her program to every student's needs.


Laura folds professional networking, campus visits, and continued education into her college advising in order to stay on top of current trends and processes.

When should we hire a college consultant?

By junior year, most students are ready to start the process and are beginning to think about their future beyond high school. Others want a consultant beginning freshman or sophomore year to help guide the direction of coursework and extracurriculars according to the student's goals. Each family decides what works best for them.


Is college counseling only for students applying to highly selective universities? 

No. Some students are very academic, while others are not. Every student has talents and interests that will frame the college search and shine in applications. A multitude of colleges will be a good match for your child, and Laura will help identify them. One goal is for students to have many college options at the end of the process.

Do parents attend meetings?

Parents do not attend meetings because the student needs to take ownership of the process. However, parents set parameters for the college search, attend periodic family meetings, and receive summary meeting notes and monthly tips. Parents remain an essential part of their child's support system. 

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